First Aid For Your X-Pro1: Fujifilm Customer Support


Great imaging quality is one thing but it’s certainly not the complete picture. When things go wrong, especially when you’re a professional photographer, it’s essential to have the support from the manufacturer to get your gear repaired and returned to you as soon as possible.

In the past, I’ve had great customer service from Canon and at the other extreme I’ve had absolutely lousy customer service from Nikon, you can read about it here. It’s no surprise then that I ditched Nikon as soon as possible and switched over to Canon.

So what can you expect from Fujifilm? Well, the good news is that they have in place what promises to be a 5 star service for all X-Pro1 owners, not just for professionals, and they make no distinction whether you bought the camera new or used, as long as you have the original purchase receipt, you’re good.

The first thing you may want to do is register your camera with Fuji, it’s not mandatory but may be useful, they’ll keep you informed of any firmware updates. Here’s the link to register your camera:

Service and Repair
Fujifilm offer extra support for X-Pro1 customers including a 48 hour in-house repair service. You can book your repair by clicking on the following link: 

Fujifilm will send you pre-paid and addressed packaging so you can return your camera for repair securely and free of charge.

While you Wait
Now, here’s where it gets really sweet. You can also pre-book a time slot and they’ll repair your camera while you wait. Just send an email to: or call their helpline on: 0844 553 2322.

Annual Healthcheck
On top of that all X-Pro1 customers are entitled to a FREE annual health check for 5 YEARS. That’s the camera not the customer, just to be clear.

Help and Information
Wait, there’s more, Fujifilm also have a dedicated email inbox for X-Pro1 users for help and information with a reply guaranteed within 1 business hour. Here’s the email:

Fujifilm Address
Unit 10A, St Martins Business Centre
St Martins Way,
MK42 0LF,
United Kingdom

Just to be clear, the customer support described applies to the UK only. The level of support offered around the world may vary. If you know what this is in your country please feel free to share it in the comments, including contact telephone numbers and emails.

Also, feel free to share your experience of Fujifilm customer service.

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  1. Jim Gamblin

    My experience here in the Netherlands is unfortunately not the same. I took my X-Pro1 to the store that purchased it from to have the sensor cleaned. Apparently the dust spot? was not on the sensor, but behind it. So the store sent it to Fuji for the cleaning. It took five weeks! Yesterday I went to pick the camera up ( one and half hour drive). The spot was gone, but the camera did not function. Hard to say exactly what, but I suspect that the camera was locked in the “C”mode in AF, as it continued to focus even in “M” mode. The AF button on back would not respond. The frame correction would not respond and the command wheel and AFL/AEL buttons remained inoperable. Unbelieveableto think that all I did was send it in for cleaning. Glad to hear other places consider customer service to be important. Despite all of this I do still love my Fuji X-Pro 1 and though I still have all of my Nikon Pro cameras, I am considering getting rid of them. Hope others have not experienced such a situation as I have.

    • Rob

      Hi Jim, that’s just grim and unacceptable. My advice is to contact the person in charge of customer service at Fujifilm head office in the Netherlands and find out what support is offered to X-Pro1 customers. Once you have this information explain your case to them and ask them to repair your camera or replace it. Remember, keep cool and it pays to be polite. We’re all humans and we all make mistakes.

      The support package in the UK looks phenomenal on paper, l certainly hope it lives up to expectations. I have a feeling the support package may vary around the world.

      I’d be interested to know how you get on, keep me posted.

      • Jim Gamblin

        Thanks Rob for your concern. In all fairness to Fuji, my problems may well be with the store I bought the camera from. After waiting four weeks I had contacted the store (who sent the camera ot Fuji) with a “where is my camera?” they got back to me quickly with a “it is on the way back to us from Fuji”, mmmm. I requested that they test it out before I made the long drive to them. They sent me an email with “Dear Sir, We did inspect your camera and all seems fine. You are welcome to collect your camera in our store”. It was when I got there, put in a battery and card and immediately felt the camera to be wrong. They were helpful and seemed sympathetic. The camera was in the “C” AF mode, something I have never used. and that is what I believe to be the problem, in that it is stuck in “C”. So I will wait again for . . . ?

        On another note in almost forty-five years of owning and operating Nikons, I have only needed one repair. A sicking aperture on a 35mm f/1.4 AI-S lens. I was charged $70.00 USD by the now gone San Francisco Nikon repair center. It came back not fixed, something I did not discover for a few months, as I was not using the lens much.

        Sorry to hear that others are experiencing similar problems with their after purchase service.

  2. Edwin Vanderstichele

    Belgium talking here :-) . It is the same misery here , Canon, Nikon whatever brand, they seem only interested in selling things, but oh oh once you seem to have a troubleshooter it’s an other question. Several weeks I had to wait for replacing a bayonet ? OK I’m not a pro but had bought Pro Nikon camera’s even tough ! That was the past,Nikon out !
    Hope that when I have something going on with the X-pro that i’ll be helped faster and adequate !

  3. John Smith

    Canada here. I had a problem with the shutter on my X-Pro1 and I sent the camera to Fujifilm Canada for repair. A week later I got the camera back with a new shutter and a cleaning. The camera was recalibrated to zero. I could not believe how good the service was. I had a Canon XTi that took a bit less than a month to be reset, and that is good. My Leica M3 needed repair a year ago and it took SIX MONTHS! Friends with Nikons tell me horror stories about the unhelpful customer service. Fuji was different.

    Calling Fujifilm over even the silliest thing gets a serious and positive response. In Canada, Fuji really makes you feel important. There was a TV ad in Canada for a muffler repair company, Speedy Muffler, whose by line was “At Speedy you’re a somebody”. That could well apply for Fuji today.

  4. Alan Wolf

    USA here—wish I could say the same about Fuji USA. Have only had one dealing with them, but so far I’ve had to call them twice—4 days after my broken lens was delivered, to ask if they had gotten it, and then several days afterwards, since I had been told I would be contacted within a day with cost assessment. It looks like the turn a round will be about 3 weeks from their receipt of the broken lens. In all fairness, my memories of Nikon US service were at least as bad.

  5. Dirk B

    Under pressure of staffing and costs, most major brands in photography, IT, household equipment,… in Belgium outsourced their repair services – even under guarantee – to third party service centers. To be honest I never had a good experience with this – in most cases the repairs disappeared from the radar of both the shop manager and the brand itself until the item was send back, likely 4 or 5 weeks later, how many times I experienced that the repair was not done well or not even executed at all! I had a recent incident with Fujifilm regarding a XF lens. I don’t want to zoom into the details but also in Belgium, we are extremely far from this kind of service level agreement as represented in your article. I hope that Fujifilm decides to globalize this plan for the X-series but I’m extremely skeptical since it is an investment & cost story. But it would be a clear distinction making the X-series once more shine against the competition – it isn’t all about technical specs and pixel peeping, reliability also in terms of the service organization is for any photographer a very important constraint to choose a brand.

  6. Paul Treacy

    2 weeks after receiving my X100 the viewfinder shutter failed. Fuji sent a box and returned it to me fixed and updated in about 3 days. I couldn’t believe it.

    Now the strap eyelets have failed and Fuji say it’ll likely cost me to get it repaired despite it being a known issue. Not sure how this situation will pan out.

    I was lucky before as the first incident was in the X100’s earliest days and they couldn’t afford any negative feedback, I guess.

    – Paul.

    • Rob

      The support being offered by Fujifilm to X-Pro1 customers in the UK certainly looks great on paper. I’m hoping that Fuji is investing in customer support and the 5 year annual health check being offered to all UK X-Pro1 customers seems to support this. The X-Series cameras are great and have a lot of professionals on board and deserve great backup and support.

      Tell me more about the strap eyelets, how have they failed and after how long?

  7. Jorge

    USA here. I’m very happy with Fuji thus far. Back in 2006 I took my S2Pro in as the sensor developed a line right across the middle. this was a Thursday afternoon. I asked them to look at it and get back to me with an estimate. I get a call on Monday morning from Fuji service (in Edison NJ) where I dropped it off and the young woman tells me my camera has been repaired and is ready for pickup. I gulp and am thinking “oh oh” How much is this going to cost? All I wanted was an estimate! She tells me it’s free of charge. basically they put in a new sensor and shutter assembly thereby making the camera literally brand new again. And cleaned it!
    Amazing service. On to the X-E1 when I got it I had multiple questions. I called, was transferred on a couple of ocassions to a gentlemen named “Gil” who promptly, courteously, and fully answered all my questions! That’s what I love about Fuji. As opposed to horrendous Nikon service during and after sending my D800 in for the left focus point issue!
    So I’m very happy thus far.

  8. Lin

    I have to say Fuji were really helpful when there were some admin issues re the purchase…I haven’t tried out their free annual health check yet though on the basis that if the camera is running ok then it wont need it. Have you used this service yet?

  9. jim gamblin

    Hi Rob,

    A final word on my long repair date. My camera was sent back to the Fuji center in Rotterdam. From there to the UK Fuji center, which by the way I was informed does most of Europe’s repair work. It was in the UK for three days, repaired with a new AF switch and AF motor.

    Though it spent only three days at the UK facility, it still took three weeks in total, to get back to the store that I had purchased and brought it to in the first place. The bottle apparently being the Rotterdam part of it.

    Now I finally have my camera back after a eight week ordeal. Happy and enjoying the benefits (finally) of the 3.01 firmware update.

    Thanks again for posting the information about the UK facility. As I was able to put it to good use in tracking down my camera during it’s odyssey.

  10. Jay de Reschie

    Completely frustrated with Fujifilm Camera Service Centre UK
    The second time I received my cam back in worse condition than it was before I send it.
    1. Sensor Cleaning not really well, could have done it like that myself
    2. Viewfinder completely dead
    3. LCD Monitor has a short circuit

    Well Done Fujifilm
    The short time turnaround is useless under that circumstances.

    • Rob

      Hi Jay, clearly this is not a good situation. I’m assuming you’re based in Germany. Did you send your camera direct to Fujifilm UK or via an agent in which case are you getting any support from the agent?

      I’m assuming you’ve been in touch with Fujifilm to make them aware of the situation, what’s their response?

      • Jay de Reschie

        Hi Rob,
        no, I am not based in Germany, I live in UK and purchased the cam in UK. I called now the service and will send the cam to them the third time. We will see, how it will go this time. The cam itself is lovely and I like to work with it, but the service is what puts me off. Well, let’s hope the best.

  11. Fred Thomas

    As a Yank living in the Philippines I have to report that I am having a terrible experience with support for my X Pro! The staff and MD are very pleasant, but information provided totally unreliable
    Told by Marketing Manager soon after purchase and trying to get a diopter
    People do not need a diopter to use the X Pro 1
    We do not stock them because we have no demand
    The diopter is not a Fujifilm item because it is made by a third party so it is “Gray Market”

    Took four months but I finally received the +2 Diopter and it was in a Fujifilm branded box.

    Sensor Cleaning
    Two two hour round trips to get sensor cleaned and it was not done.
    Ran into Marketing Manager at a seminar put on by Philippine Outdoor Photographers. When asked why the
    The sensor was not cleaned she said she did not know why and would have to talk to the Service
    Department. She said she would send someone to my location to clean the sensor.
    Third two hour round trip – Managing Director comes out and admits that Fujifilm Philippines cannot
    clean sensors because they lack trained staff and equipment and supplies. He assured me that Fujifilm
    Philippines would be able to clean sensors beginning in July 2015.

    My X Pro was sent to Fujifilm Singapore and comes back 3 weeks later with Fujifilm wanting US $ 638.00 to
    replace the sensor. Fujifilm could not provide me a Service Record on what the technician had done besides telling me the glass covers had been removed from the sensor. Things found under glass cover and stain on the sensor and glass. The issue is still ongoing and my demand is that Fujifilm replace the sensor assembly at their expense. The same repair by Fujifim US is quoted at US$ 300.00. Fujifilm US has been very helpful. Wish I was in the States!

    Fujifilm Philippines has not created a reputation of reliability.

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